Rachel Comey

New York Fashion Week staple, Rachel Comey returned to the event this year after a brief sabbatical to Los Angeles last year. Opening this year’s event with a dinner presentation at the Met Breuer, Comey dazzled guests with a collection that “celebrated the unique personality, and personalities, of New York.”

“Rachel wanted to ensure each of the girls presented as their own characters,” said Michael Silva, who created the styling for Mr. Smith. “We decided that the best way to create an individualised look that was reflective of the individual, was to choose their styles based on what they looked liked when the arrived at the test. For Rachel, the quintessential New York girl is a cool, confident, chic and intellectual, so I played on that.”

“Essentially, I created an enhanced version of themselves. I pushed the cut and texture to heighten their natural look. The combination of FoundationSerum and Texture Spray allowed me to add texture while keeping the hair looking natural. To finish, I used the Shaper to give each looks its final definition.”