New York Fashion Week

As New York Fashion Week comes to its conclusion, we’ve taken a moment to look back at the shows that showcased the best of our creative runway work during this year’s festival.

Our international ambassadorial team – lead by Stefano Greco and Creative Director Freda Rossidis – and the Mr. Smith Creative Team worked across three key shows that demonstrated our fashion-forward approach to runway work and that embodied our ethos of “style and substance.”

Explore each of the shows below and learn how to create one of the key-looks from this year’s Festival.

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Style. Substance.

Mr. Smith

Noon by Noor 

Partnering with womenswear label Noon by Noor for the second year in a row, Paolo Soffiatti lead the Mr. Smith Creative team as he explored the notion of “to the moon and back” with designers Shaikha Noor Rashid Al Khalifa and Shaikha Haya Mohamed Al Khalifa.

With a focus on slicked side-parts, Paolo and the team created a contemporary look which accented the fluid silhouettes and lux gold fabrics that hallmarked the collection. Learn how to create this look below.

Adam Lippes

Mr. Smith International ambassador Stefano Greco brought the intricate and vibrant tailoring of Adam Lippes to life at the designer’s new residence in Brooklyn Heights during New York Fashion Week. Lippes’ charming vignettes where complemented with a styling approach that conveyed a look that exemplified a chic, effortless look.


Our boldest looks were left for Area’s ready-to-wear showcase, which highlighted the label’s proclivity for a playful mix of retro-meets-modern downtown chic. Renowned for a look that has been described as “high-shine, high-gloss and crystal-studded glam.”

Lead Hairstylist, Shingo Shibata and the Mr. Smith team conceived a look that was characterised by a series of pared back top buns, drawing the hair away from the face to allow designers Piotrek Panszczyk and Beckett Fogg’s eclectic designs to own the runway.