Mr. Smith for Paris Fashion Week SS20

As part of the biannual tour of international Fashion Week events, members of the Mr. Smith International Creative Team recently made their way to Paris Fashion Week (LFW) for the much-anticipated Spring-Summer 2020 runway reveals.

As always, Mr. Smith products played a role in bringing the stylists’ creative visions to life – featuring in runway shows by top names including A.P.C., Kwaidan EditionsDawei and Cédric Charlier.

Featuring characteristically understated checks and vivid summer colours alongside bold statement-emblazoned garments, A.P.C.’s spring collection was “a rebuttal against the ugliness and aesthetic brutalism of today’s world,” according to designer Jean Touitou.

Contrasting with Touitou’s signature minimalism, quirky styling (think sandals with thick knitted socks, backpacks worn on the chest) added an air of poetry, while bold slogans such as “POSITIVELY NORMAL” and “RADICALLY MINIMAL” were seen scrawled in all-caps across various pieces.

Hair Lead for the A.P.C. show was stylist Gary Gill, who used Mr. Smith products to create a series of looks. Says Gary: “A.P.C. has a very clean, simple, cool asthetic, but we wanted to add a twist to that so we gave it a slightly preppy feeling.”

Gary applied Mr. Smith Mousse throughout the hair before creating a side part; added Mr. Smith Sea Salt Spray and Mr. Smith Texture Spray for texture; and gave “a more of a natural feeling at the back” with Mr. Smith Leave In before drying hair with a diffuser and brushing out.

Entitled ‘Transformer,’ the SS20 collection by London-based duo Léa Dickley and Hung La’s Kwaidan Editions mused on “the woman the day after, a woman revealed in bright day,” exploring “the woman transformed” via detailed fabric choices, ‘90s style tailoring and “the emotional language of colour”.

Latex, leather, sateen and sheer fabrics featured throughout, in neon, soft pastels and even camouflage; while over-sized coats, fitted jersey, boxy ‘90s suiting and elongated tailoring all make their own striking statements.

Hair Lead Pawel Solis drew inspiration from the concept of a “strong, natural, independent woman,” using a range of our products, starting with the Mr. Smith Volumising Spray to add texture and volume, and finishing each look with Mr. Smith Serum and Mr. Smith Leave In for extra polish.

Taking inspiration from the idea of “Ancient Egypt in the future,” the SS20 collection by Dawei Sun’s eponymous label Dawei set the scene for “A journey, through time and space,” where ancient Egypt would be revived from the past and where faded colours are bright and vivid again.

Here, asymmetric draping and ruffles created sculpture-like silhouettes, while geometric lines, sporty elements, and cut-out knitwear played to the futuristic brief. A reimagined cat-headed Egyptian goddess motif was given an update while volume and deconstruction abounded.

Hair Lead Michaël Delmas took inspiration from masculine, ‘90s-era slick-back hairstyles to bring a powerful energy to the runway, combining Mr. Smith Balancing Conditioner with and Mr. Smith Mousse to slick the hair down before creating sleek low ponytails with comb visible marks, on a slight angle. He finished the looks with Mr. Smith Dry Shampoo for a fluffy texture.

Inspired by a road trip through the rolling mesas of Arizona and the sandy deserts of Utah, Belgian designer Cédric Charlier’s Spring 2020 collection led him to themes of leatherwork, denim and cowboys.

Keeping with the theme, there were horse and eagle motifs, along with paisley-esque patterns embroidered onto leather and micro-pleated denim, eyelet ruffle skirts and highlights of fringing and satin. Throughout, Charlier drew from a palette of eminently wearable earthy tones.

Mr. Smith Hair Lead Vi Sapyyapy responded to the ‘Great American West’ theme with loose, wind-swept waves, braids, detailed cornrows and lots of middle parts.

Mr. Smith Creme was used to smooth the hair whilst braiding, with other individual looks used Mr. Smith Dry ShampooMr. Smith Leave InMr. Smith Hairspray and Mr. Smith Curl Crème to achieve the desired results.

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