Mr. Smith is pleased to announce the arrival of our 2015 collection.

Featuring twelve new products across shampoo, conditioner, styling and treatment, the new range from Mr. Smith builds on our ethos of “style, substance and simplicity: style above all else, substance of ingredients – simplicity by design.”

The collection features all new hydratingvolumising and stimulating shampoos and conditioners, which have been specifically developed to complement  Mr. Smith’s brand new collection of styling and treatment products.

Hallmarking the styling collection is The Foundation. Creating volume and body, The Foundation delivers flexible hold and natural movement, providing the perfect basis from which to style from. With a vision to create exceptional, Australian made, luxury hair care products, crafted from a selection of Australian botanicals and essential oils, our styling range also features a CrèmeTexture SprayPaste and a uniquely formulated Sea Salt Spray. Unlike anything currently on the market, the Mr. Smith Sea Salt Spray is your ultimate summer companion. Formulated to create beach hair instantly, our Sea Salt Spray is a transformative product that delivers added UV protection, while revitalising your hair.

Rounding out the 2015 Collection is the Mr. Smith Serum. Our first ever styling and treatment product, Mr. Smith’s Serum has been designed to be both weightless and restorative. Infused with argan, jojoba and hempseed oil, our Serum moisturises and nourishes, while strengthening damaged and brittle hair. This antioxidant-rich, leave-in product promotes stronger, healthier hair, while providing added heat protection.

Mr. Smith believes that what we leave out is just important as what we leave in. That’s why we’re committed to creating products that do not contain SLS or parabens; why we’ve never tested on animals and why all of our products have been PETA-Certified.

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Style. Substance. Mr. Smith.