Create the Look – Noon by Noor FW18

1. Starting at the nape of the neck spray Mr. Smith Texture Spray from roots to ends.

2. Add a deep side part then start drying hair and smoothing hair using fingers.

3. Using a 1 inch curling tong, take large horizontal sections and curl hair (no higher than just above the ears).

4. Allow hair to cool then comb through using a large tooth comb.

5. Apply a liberal amount of Mr. Smith Serum all through the back of the hair to make it looked lived in and create some separation.

6. Working your way from back to front, take vertical sections of the hair just behind the ear, spraying with Mr. Smith Hairspray section by section adding heat with hairdryer as you go.

7. Pin face line hair with a bobby pin for a casual boyish finish.