Create the Look

Inspired by our ‘Three by Mr. Smith’ campaign, Creative Director Freda Rossidis reveals her breakdown of the steps required to create this polished and timeless look.

Step 1:
Lightly spray the hair with water, then using your hands, work through 1-2 pumps of Mr. Smith Leave In.

Step 2:
Create a deep side part with a tail comb, then smooth hair with a large paddle brush.

Step 3:
Apply Mr. Smith Mousse through the roots of the hair, then comb each section using a wide comb, leaving the ends of the hair dry.

Step 4:
Once the mousse has been combed through the roots, use a small comb to create some height through the front while keeping the sides neat and sleek. This will create a square shape.

Step 5:
Next, pull hair into the centre at the nape of the neck and tie off with an elastic.

Step 6:
To finish, use irons to straighten the ends of the hair and complete the look by running 1-2 drops of Mr. Smith Serum through the pony tail for extra shine and polish.