Paris Fashion Week

On Tuesday, Mr. Smith Creative Director Freda Rossidis and Stefano Greco led the Mr. Smith Creative Team as they oversaw the hair direction for the premiere of rising Dutch designer Liselore Frowijn’s Autumn/Winter collection at Paris Fashion Week.

An official selection on this year’s schedule, Frowijn, who is renowned for her sophisticated prints, presented a street-inspired collection, hallmarked by the colours of India and the freedom of movement.

“Liselore’s inspiration was all about a nomadic woman – women who are strong and sleek. I tried to reflect that in the looks we created; refined pony tails with a slick sophistication,” said Rossidis.  “A good pony is something that is really hard to pull off, but the team did an amazing job making something so familiar look effortless and contemporary.”

The show’s finale, a simple and singular visual statement, saw all models tethered together by white bandanas, provoking Frowijn’s notion that the runway can also act as a podium to express ideals on equality of race, sexuality, gender and religion. A powerful end to an incredible show.

View the full collection and looks here.

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