Mr. Smith UK Launch

In October, the Mr. Smith team headed to London for the brand’s official UK launch. Our entrance into the UK market hallmarks the end of a significant year for Mr. Smith, a year that saw Mr. Smith officially launched into 12 countries from the United States to Japan.

Whilst we were in London, we spoke to No. 77 Managing Director, Tony White about what inspired our partnership.

What appealed to you most about the Mr. Smith brand?
We were first drawn to Mr. Smith’s clean imagery and packaging on social media. Then we did some research and we really loved the story behind the brand’s journey. That was when we knew that we wanted to be part of this amazing brand.

What makes you excited about the brand?
The same features that first drew me to Mr. Smith are what continue to excite me about it.

With its high quality, gender neutral, high performing product range, Mr. Smith really stands apart from competing brands. Commercially, it compares with other established top tier brands in a range of environments.

Which Mr. Smith products are you most excited about?
The entire Mr. Smith range performs at such a high level it is hard to choose specific products. Other brands might be strong in particular areas, for example, styling, care or treatment, whereas Mr. Smith performs across the entire range.

I’m a huge fan of Mr. Smith Balancing Shampoo, Conditioner and Paste. The outstanding performance and fresh fragrance of these products leave my hair in great condition and so easy to manage.

Mr. Smith Foundation is truly unique. It’s a versatile lightweight cream that adds volume and body while blow drying, yet leaves the hair feeling like there is no product in it.

Mr. Smith Masque, with its rejuvenating hair and scalp properties, it always delivers instant visual results, which is something clients always want.

Clients are becoming more discerning about packaging and imagery as well as about knowing how products are made. On this front Mr. Smith really stands out from the crowd. The fact that the products are PETA certified, vegan, and paraben and sulfate free helps too.

What do you see Mr. Smith bringing to the UK market?
Mr. Smith is a brand with true integrity and it has a dedicated education team pushing a strong brand identity.  We’re really excited about Mr. Smith’s quality education programs, which are overseen by Creative Director, Freda Rossidis. With her international reputation as a key influencer, Freda is highly respected by her peers and with her wealth of knowledge and expertise, she is an incredible resource and inspiration for the industry.

If you’re interested in becoming a Mr. Smith stockist in the UK email: