Mr. Smith 2019 Campaign Launches

As we edge closer to another year’s end, we are once again looking to the future – and from where we are, the future looks strong, bold and confident.

This week, we’re proud to announce the launch of the Mr. Smith 2019 campaign. Shot at Sun Studios in Sydney under the direction of photographer Steven Chee, the imagery embodies the brand of effortless cool that has become synonymous with Mr. Smith.

Working with International models Maja Salamon and Anna Szalk, Mr. Smith Creative Director Freda Rossidis and Mr. Smith International Brand Ambassador Stefano Greco teamed up to create a strong androgynous aesthetic which was complemented flawlessly by the work of stylist Marina Didovich and makeup artist Bradwyn Jones.

5 minutes with Freda Rossidis

Keen to hear about her inspiration and creative direction for the shoot, we sat down with Freda to find out a little more about her vision and process.

How is the 2019 campaign different from previous Mr. Smith campaigns?

We continue to develop our aesthetic while remaining effortless, editorial, cool and staying true to our ethos of “style, substance and simplicity.”

Do you have a clear idea of the looks you want to create or do they evolve as the shoot progresses?

I always begin with a clear idea of the looks – starting my storyboard months out, adding and removing looks, textures and colours as I go. Despite the preparation, many things can influence a shoot and change how things proceed on the day. As the shoot progresses the looks evolve; as a stylist you have to be prepared for that.

Did you rely on any particular Mr. Smith products for this campaign?

We used the full suite of Mr. Smith stying products on set. Those that really helped us to achieve these looks were: The Foundation, which allowed us to create great texture and make the hair more workable; Mr. Smith Hairspray, which we used prior to tonging; and the Shaper, which we used for finishing and defining the hair.

From where did you draw your inspiration for this shoot?

The future and the past both play a big role in my creative process. As a stylist, I get to work on some of the biggest fashion shows in the world. Each time I do a big show, I get a preview of what the world will be wearing next, which always provides me with a steady stream of creative stimulation. Other times, I’ll get ideas just by looking through the archives of some of my favourite fashion magazines, brands and photographers – the past is always a wonderful source of creative inspiration.

Embodying the Mr. Smith philosophy of “Style. Substance. Simplicity.” the 2019 campaign imagery is now live on our website and social channels.

Style. Substance. Simplicity.
Mr. Smith